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Week of: Wednesday September 13, 2017
Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is no laughing matter – about one in four men today are afflicted with this condition, which can be reversed but may take thorough and serious potential treatment. This review site is dedicated to ranking and evaluating top supplemental products today that claim to fight erectile dysfunction and bring other sexual enhancement benefits. But do you know enough about this men’s health issue to be able to take the right action?

There are many symptoms of erectile dysfunction, and they include poor-quality erection (or the inability to have one), lack of stamina leading to premature ejaculation cases, loss of energy and desire for lovemaking, and poor self-image due to penis size issues. The causes of ED are rather wide-ranging, too, including several factors like aging, an underlying disease, hormone imbalance, and psychological issues. The latter appears to be pervasive as well, as more and more men and their partners seek professional help and counseling to address relationship troubles and anxiety.

Herbal supplementation is among the time-tested ways of address erectile dysfunction. Ancient civilizations used a variety of herbs to counteract sexual difficulties and dysfunction, including erections that don’t last and fertility concerns. Among the big names in the herbal therapy world are ginseng, ginkgo biloba, terrestris tribulus, saw palmetto, fenugreek, and fennel seed. These have different preparations, such as tea, topical application, and tablet or capsule form.

Here are some reminders when you’re confronted with the problem of erectile dysfunction:

  1. Be open with your partner – Don’t be shy to discuss your problem and find ways to solve it. Open the channels of communication so as not to cause any further adverse effect on your relationship. Nurture what you have; be romantic and go on dates and shared activities. It’s not just the sexual aspect of the relationship that counts, so take care not to put unnecessary focus on it.
  2. Relax – Learn to deal with the problem with openness and a clear mind. If you are already anxious about it, seek relaxation techniques that will improve your sense of being, including yoga, Pilates, prayer, and forms of exercise. Who knows, it might be your chronic stresses and anxiety that are causing you to have erectile problems and related concerns.
  3. Seek professional advice – It is not recommended that you self-medicate or use a natural supplement without consulting a qualified healthcare professional. Your doctor will look at your medical history or any underlying condition that could be contributing your erectile dysfunction, and will make the proper diagnosis and potential treatment plan. If you are not keen on medication, you can ask if herbal supplementation is the right fir for you.

Last Updated: Monday September 11, 2017

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