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Week of: Wednesday September 13, 2017
Orexis Summary

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Last Updated: Sunday September 17, 2017
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Orexis Reviews: A Much-Heralded Penis Pill

Product description: Not a few celebrities – such as porn stars, NASCAR drivers, and football players – also have their share of sexual concerns, leading them to use male enhancement pills. One of the much-heralded penis pills is Orexis, which boasts of massive marketing advertisement campaigns. The product label boasts of the words Pervalidus Obduro, which means “very strong hardness.” To live up to these words, Orexis is claimed to immediately and permanently deliver the libido and hardness benefits that are coveted by men worldwide.

Among the main ingredients of Orexis are the following: (1) Tribulus terrestris, which helps increase muscle mass and enhance strength by boosting your testosterone levels; (2) Epimedium sagittatum, a traditional Chinese herb used for fighting erectile dysfunction; (3) muira puama, an aphrodisiac native to the Amazon rainforest and used for libido enhancement; (4) Panax ginseng, which helps enhance sexual performance through boosting energy, improving libido, and enhancing erection potential; and (5) yohimbe, which comes from an evergreen tree native to Western Africa and can help erection quality (although unfortunately associated with a number of side effects).

Ingredients: Tribulus terrestris, Epimedium sagittatum, muira puama, Panax ginseng (Korean red ginseng), catuaba bark extract, damiana, yohimbe extract


  • Focus on erectile strength, orgasm control, and enhanced libido or sex drive
  • Wide marketing base and reach


  • Product legitimacy questioned due to the nonexistent “Dr. Haltiwanger” recommending the product
  • Severe lack of information on the product composition, dosage, and its manufacturer

Conclusion: Orexis is among the more controversial ones on this review list, and for a good reason. On one hand, it shows great promise with its close attention to erection quality and an overall positive sexual experience for men who use penis pills. On the other hand, it fails (or refuses) to provide potential customers the information they need – full product composition, dosage recommendations, clinical findings, and even the legitimacy of its claims and manufacturing standards. It is such a waste of potential, because Orexis contain powerful herbal components for maximum strength and benefits. From what we could see through our research, Orexis also needs to work on its reputation on the Web and goodwill to customers, existing and future alike.

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