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Week of: Wednesday September 13, 2017
Vaso9 Summary

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Last Updated: Sunday September 17, 2017
United States of America

Product description: Vaso Ultra, claiming to be the “next generation of penis expansion technology,” promotes that it is virtually unchallenged in the dietary supplement market in enhancing penis size, performance, and pleasure. According to its makers, it is not just another herbal pill filled with ineffective powders that give little or no results. It is touted as a revolutionary pharmaceutical grade compound that works when everything else has failed.

The main benefits are the following: a thicker and fuller penis; rock-hard erections anytime you want; dramatically intensified orgasms; soaring sense of confidence and self-esteem; and satisfaction for your partner like no other.

Vaso Ultra claims to work in one week – through the two key elements necessary to make your erectile chambers bigger. These are enhanced vasodilation with nitric oxide factors, and converting some of your body’s abundant supply of bound testosterone into free testosterone, targeting new free testosterone to the two penis chambers.

Ingredients: Tribulus terrestris, L-citruline, L-arginine nitrate, Eurycoma longifolia jack, maca root, Avena sativa, long pepper


  • Affordable price
  • No prescription needed
  • Specific focus on penis enlargement


  • Reveals only a partial list of ingredients
  • Does not generally enjoy good customer feedback, even when combined with male enhancement techniques such as jelqing
  • Vague innovation claims, e.g. “precision vasogenic expansion technology”

Conclusion: Vaso9 appears to us as your run-of-the-mill male enlargement product, but it makes a much better second impression with its special targeting of engorgement of your erectile chambers and therefore a bigger, fuller penis appearance. It also serves as a viable option for the budget-conscious with its relatively inexpensive price. But there are things that turn us off about Vaso9, including the partial list of ingredients revealed, the vague claims (what does “vasogenic expansion” means in terms of concrete benefits and results?), and the prevalence of negative feedback even when it is in combination with enlargement techniques such as jelqing. Vaso9 truly needs to step up – and be worthy of buyer’s money and attention.

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